Top 10 Best Pilgrimage Destinations in Karnataka

Tripiwiki : 28 May 2024
Karnataka has been ranked as fourth most popular destination for tourism among states of India with highest number of national protected monuments. It is home to 507 of the 3600 centrally protected monuments in India. Karnataka is know for it's rich ancient sculptured temples, modern cities, the hill ranges, forests and beaches. Hampi, Mysore, Jog Falls, Agumbe are few of the top sites to visit.

Following are the Top 10 Best Pilgrimage Destinations in Karnataka



Aihole (1 out of 10 places to visit in Bagalakote)

Aihole a capital city of early Chalukyan dynasty is one of the most popular tourist destination in north Karnataka, located on the banks of Malaprabha River in Bagalakote district of Karnataka, India. City is know for it's magnificent rock architecture, there are more than 125 temples in various styles. Most of these temples are from 6th & 8th centuries and some even earlier. Many temples and caves of historical importance can be found at Aihole. The temples carry rich architectural sculpture on pillars and ceilings, especially depictions of such major gods as Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. Some of the famous temples include the Gowda Temple, Suryanarayana Temple and the Durga Temple. The Ravana Phadi Cave is one of the oldest rock-cut cave temples. Aihole is located at approx 140km from Hubli, 139km from World Heritage Site Hampi, 446km from capital city Bengaluru, 271km from Goa, 425km from Pune, 384km from Hyderabad.

Baba Budangiri (2 out of 10 places to visit in Chikmagalur)

Baba Budangiri is a one of the beautiful mountain in the Baba Budan range of the Western Ghats, located in the Chikkamagaluru District of Karnataka, India, Baba Budangiri is a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Muslims. It is famous for the Dattatreya Peeta ‑ a Hindu temple and a Muslim dargah both in the same underground cave. The main peaks in this range are the Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri. Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in the Baba Budangiri range. With a height of 6317 ft, it is the fourth highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. These peaks naturally form in the shape of a crescent moon and makes an idyllic landscape for the photographers and nature lovers in Chikmagalur. There is a trekking trail between Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri. Trekkers can enjoy scenic beauty like plain, lush green, forests and rolling hills. Another prominent attraction of Baba Budangiri is the famous Manikyadhara Falls and the wild Kurinji flower blooms which happens every 12 years at this mountain. Baba Budangiri is located at approx 33km from Chikmagalur, 276km from Bengaluru, 115km from Shivamogga, 217km from Mysore, 184km from Mangalore, 438km from Goa.

Badami Cave Temples, Vataapi Badami, Bagalkot  (3 out of 10 places to visit in Bagalkot )

Badami is historic town know for cave temples, located in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. Badami was the capital of the early Chalukya dynasty. the Rock Cut Cave Temples are the main tourist attraction in Badami. Carved out of massive stone cliff, the cave temples are the best example of Chalukya architecture style.. Three among the four cave temples are dedicated to deities of Hinduism and one temple is dedicated to Jainism. Important feature of Badami Caves and their surroundings is ancient inscriptions in Kannada writing and in Kannada and Sanskrit languages. Agastya Theertha, a serene lake is a must-see spot in Badami. The Government of India has declared Badami as one of the heritage cities in India. Badami is located at approx 105km from Hubli Airport, 141km from world heritage site Hampi, 449km from Bengaluru, 241km from Goa, 425km from Hyderabad, 449km from Pune.

Gokarna, Mahabaleshwar Temple Gokarna, Uttara Kannada (4 out of 10 places to visit in Uttara Kannada)

Gokarna is one of the major tourist attraction, located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India. Gokarna is know for historic Mahabaleshwar Temple and Many beaches surrounding it. This temple attracts major tourists across the country because of legends and history associated with it. The temple also finds mentions in the Hindu epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. There is a beach facing the temple. Other than temples, Gokarna is know for it's scenic beaches, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, Full Moon Beach and Kudle beach are the popular once. Om beach derives its name from its shape, Its shape is like Om in Hindi so called as Om beach. Very nice and clean beach with less crowd. One can do trekking from there and view amazing sunrise and sunset. It has steps leading down to the beach. Some water sports/ adventure are available like banana boat, kayaking and so on. Every year thousands of tourists visit Gokarna for pilgrim as well as to soak themselves on these beaches. Gokarn is located at approx 177km from Udupi, 231km from Mangalore, 488km from Bengaluru, 133km form Goa, 645km from Kochi, 208km from Belgaum.

Golden Temple Coorg, Namdroling Monastery, Coorg (5 out of 10 places to visit in Coorg)

The Golden Temple is a beautiful Buddhist Monastery located in Bylakuppe near Kushal Nagar is Coorg(Kodagu) district of Karnataka, India. Bylakuppe, along with Dharamsala, is the residing place for thousands of Tibetans, who have been living in exile since many decades and second largest Buddhist Monastery after Dharamsala. The Golden Temple complex is huge and it houses 40 feet high gilded images of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amitayus. The walls of the temples and institutions are decorated with beautiful paintings depicting the characters from Tibetan Buddhist mythology. This Buddhist Monastery is one of the major tourist attraction to visit in Coorg. Golden Temple is located at approx 4km from Kushalnagar, 34km from Madikeri, 87km from Mysore, 219km from Bengaluru.

Murudeshwar, Statue of Lord Shiva, Uttara Kannada (6 out of 10 places to visit in Uttara Kannada)

Murudeshwara is a major pilgrimage and beach destination located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India. Murudeshwara is know for it's ancient temple, tallest statue of lord shiva and beautiful beach. Murudeshwara Beach is located at overlooking the monumental statue of Lord Shiva, this beach is the perfect picnic spot for families and loved ones. You can also enjoy boat rides around the magnificent Murudeshwar Temple. The Statue of Lord Shiva on the lap of the Arabian sea in Murudeshwara is the second biggest statue of Lord Shiva in the world after the statue in Nepal. The statue and temple are located on the beach in Murudeshwara. The magnificent Murudeshwara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is built on the Kanduka Hill which is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. The main temple's entrance, also called the 'gopura' stands at 123 feet and you can witness the breathtaking view of the Shiva statue from the top of the gopura. With these attractions Murudeshwara is one of the top tourist destination in the region. Murudeshwara is located at approx 12km from Bhatkal, 77km from Gokarn, 156km from Mangalore, 488km from Bengaluru, 190km from Goa, 570km from Kochi, 265km from Belgaum.

Pattadakal, Paṭṭadakallu, Bagalkot (7 out of 10 places to visit in Bagalkot)

Pattadakal group of monuments is a UNESCO world heritage site situated on the banks of the Malaprabha River in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. Pattadakal showcases the architectural prowess of the Chalukya dynasty. Malaprabha River is located to the north of this complex, whereas a small village is situated to the south what transform Pattadakal to a sort of holy city. There are 10 major temples in Pattadakal, all dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temples contain elements of bothDravidian and Nagara styles of architecture. Virupaksha Temple, Jain Temple, Kashiviswanatha Temple, Galaganath Temple, Sangameshwara Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Papanatha Temple are few of the must visit attractions in Pattadakal. The Sangamesvara temple is known to be the oldest temple in Pattadakal. Pattadakal is located at approx 127km from Hubli Airport, 135km from one more World heritage site Hampi, 443km from state capital Bengaluru, 263km from Goa, 461km from Pune, 404km from Hyderabad.

Srirangapatna (8 out of 10 places to visit in Mandya)

Srirangapatna is an island town on the banks of Kaveri river near Mysore in Mandya district of Karnataka. Srirangapatna is an architectural masterpiece of Hoysala and Vijayanagar styles. City is know for it’s magnificent temples and monumental forts. Ranganathaswamy temple, a temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the major attraction of the town. It was once the capital of Mysore under Tipu Sultan. Monuments on the island town have been nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple , Dariya Daulat Palace:, Balmuri Falls, Nimishamba Temple, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary are few of the attractions near the town. Srirangapatna is located at approx 15km from Mysore, 127km from Bengaluru, 123km from Coorg. 414km from Kochi, 260km from Mangalore.

Talakadu Sri Keerthinarayana Temple, Sri Keerthinarayana Temple, Mysore (9 out of 10 places to visit in Mysore)

Talakadu also Known as 'Talakad' is on the banks of the river Kaveri near mysore in mysore district of Karnataka, India. It is a historically important place, as it was the capital of the Gangas for a long time. Talakadu used to be an impressive town with more than 30 temples, in ancient times. A Queen's curse buried the temple town in sand. The most imposing temples here are Viadyeshvara, Pataleshvara, Maruleshvara, Kritinarayana, Gourishankara and the Anandeshvara. Visiting Talakad, you realize the rich heritage and millennia of history we have. Temples from 6th century, dug-up by Archeological Survey of India since 1970-80s, should be a national pride and craze amongst the history-tourists. Talakadu Cauvery Basin Picnic Spot is also one of the places to visit nearby. Talakadu is located at approx 45km from Mysore, 85km from Mandya, 134km from Bengaluru, 31km from Shivanasamudra Falls, 26km from Somanathapura Temple.

Varanga Lake Basadi, Varanga Jain Temple , Udupi (10 out of 10 places to visit in Udupi)

Varanga Lake Basidi also known as Kere Basadi is a historical Lake Temple located at Varanga village in Karkala taluk of Udupi district, Karnataka. With backdrop of mighty western ghats, with temple at the centre of the lake and a ride on a tiny wooden boat makes this place undoubtedly one of the places to visit in Karnataka.

Kere Basadi is four-faced(Chaturmukha) jain temple, which has four entrances in four directions, is very similar to another Chaturmukh jain temple Ane Kere Basadi ( Elephant Lake Temple) and one of the 3 basadis in Varanga. One has to take boat to visit this temple, thrilling experience of raiding on small wooden boat makes it one of the best places to visit in Udupi. Golden star Ganesha's movie MuguluNage was shot at this place.

Varanga is located at approximately 24km from Karkal, 40km from Udupi, 79km from Mangalore, 372km from Bengaluru.

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