Top 14 places to visit in Pune

Tripiwiki : 18 Jun 2024
Maharashtra is one of the most visited state in India, whcih attracts the toursts with it's historial forsts and natural beauty of western ghats mountains. Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Elephanta Caves and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus are the four UNESCO World Heritage sites in Maharashtra. Mumbai, its capital, is the most popular city in India, Aurangabad is the tourism capital of Maharashtra. The Western part of Pune district is dotted with the ruins of many mountain forts from Deccan Sultanate and the Maratha empire eras. hese forts and the surrounding hills with forests are popular with people interested in trekking, hiking and Heritage tourism

Following are the Top 14 places to visit in Pune

Khadakwasla Dam, Khadakwasla Lake, Pune (1 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Khadakwasla Dam is a dam and famous tourist attraction near Pune in Maharashtra, India. The dam created a reservoir known as Khadakwasla Lake which is the main source of water for Pune and its suburbs. The scenic surroundings make Khadakwasla Dam a preferred picnic spot in the Pune region. Many people come here on weekends and during the monsoon season. Scenic places around the dam include Peacock Bay, Kudje village, and Neelkanteshwar, located near Bahuli village just past Kudje. Khadakwasla Dam is located at approx 15km from Pune.

Khandala, Khandala Ghat, Pune (2 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Khandala is a hill station and Ghat section on The Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the main link between the major cities of Mumbai and Pune. Due to the ease of accessibility from nearby cities, Khandala is a common area for hiking. One destination is the nearby peak of Duke's Nose, which offers a panoramic view of Khandala and the Bhor Ghat. Khandala is blessed with a splendorous vista of scenery, overflowing cascades of water, grassy hills and lustrous valleys makes it one of the popular tourist attractions in the region. Khandala is on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway located at approx 71km from Pune, 80km from Mumbai.

Kune Falls (3 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

The Kune Falls is a famous waterfall in Lonavala and Khandala valley in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. It is a three tiered waterfalls with a total height of 200 metres and is the 14th highest waterfall in India. Kune Waterfalls is a picturesque cataract, nestled between the scenic valleys, stunning backdrop of the famous Sahyadri mountains, the entire waterfall is a magnificent work of art of Mother Nature with the enriched background of greenery. It is one of the famous waterfalls in Maharashtra and also one of the best places to visit. Kune Falls is located at approx 3km from Lonavla, 70km from Pune, 81km from Mumbai. It is located near on the Mumbai -Pune express highway.



Lavasa (4 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Lavasa is a private, planned hill city being built near Pune, Maharashtra, India. Lavasa is located on the Mulshi valley of the Western Ghats enjoys a year-round pleasant weather which makes it a perfect holiday destination. With an array of options in entertainment, sports, events, games and hospitality, this pristine hill city is a welcoming escape for the neighbouring residents of Mumbai and Pune. Lavasa is located at approx 57km from Pune, 188km from Mumbai.

Lohagad Fort, Iron Fort, Pune (5 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Lohagad Fort or Iron Fort is one of the many hill forts of Maharashtra situated near Lonavala hill station in Pune district of Maharashtra,India. Lohagad Fort is one of the most populat fort in Maharashtra, India and is ideal destination for trekking and nature lovers, especially from Pune and Mumbai. The lush green beauty, adventurous trekking route, panoramic views or illustrious history, Lohagad Fort is certainly worthy of a visit. Lohagad Fort is located at approx 15km from Lonavla, 62km from Pune, 98km from Mumbai, 231km from Nashik.

Lonavala (6 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Lonavala is a most popular hill station near Pune, Maharashtra, India. Lonavla is the place to be during monsoons is a nature's most gifted region, surrounded by dense forests, lots of waterfalls, dam alongside lakes. Lonavla and the adjacent Khandala are twin hill stations in the Sahyadri ranges of Western Ghats. There are many places to visit in and around the Lonavala which make it a most popular places to visit in Maharashtra,India. Lonavla is on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and located at approx 66km from Pune, 83km from Mumbai.

Mulshi Dam (7 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Mulshi Dam is a one of the major dam located in the Mulshi taluka, Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Dam water is used for the purpose of irrigation and hydroelectric power plan. Mulshi Dam, located amidst the dense forest near Pune, Maharashtra, is the best picnic spot for weekend holidays. It is the best place for nature lovers. Mulshi is exceptionally close to Pune and a short outing here can be masterminded. Mulshi Dam is located at approx 43km form Pune, 171km from Mumbai.

Panshet Dam, Tanajisagar Dam, Pune (8 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Panshet Dam, also called Tanajisagar Dam, is a dam on the Ambi river near Pune, Maharashtra, India. The dam was constructed for purpose of irrigation and it also supplies drinking water to Pune. Panshet is a popular picnic spot and local getaway for in and around Pune region. Vary calm and quiet place, as soon as you enter the place you will fall in love with nature, the environment is beautiful and awesome. There is a boating facility and children play area. Panshet Dam is located at approx 40km from Pune.

Pawna Dam, Pawna Lake, Pune (9 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Pawna Dam also called "Pawna Lake" is an artificial reservoir situated towards the outskirts of Lonavala, in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. The natural beauty of Pawna Lakeis lush surroundings or the distant view of the three old forts from the lake. You will find the forts of Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi ostensibly visible from the Lake. Pawna lake camping and boating is the best option near Lonavala and Pune. Pawna Lake is located at approx 56km from Pune.

Rajgad Fort, Ruling Fort, Pune (10 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Rajgad is a hill fort situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Formerly known as Murumdev, the fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for almost 26 years, after which the capital was moved to the Raigad Fort. Treasures discovered from an adjacent fort Torna were used to completely build and fortify the Rajgad Fort.

Shivneri Fort (11 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Shivneri Fort is located near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. It is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Maratha Empire. A well maintained fort with many small gardens within. This fort is surrounded by steep upwards slopes from all four sides and is unassailable. There is small temple of Goddess Shivai and idols of Jijabai (Mother of Shri Shivaji) and Shivaji in his childhood. The fort has a lovely view of the surrounding hills and junnar city. Old monuments have been preserved. Trekking level is easy. So one can go with family and kids can go as well. Shivneri Fort is located at approx 93km from Pune, 155km from Mumbai, 151km from Nashik, 111km from Ahmednagar.

Sinhagad Fort (12 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Sinhagad Fort is a beautiful tourist site located near Pune, Maharashtra, India. Previously known as Kondhana, the fort had been the site of many battles, most notably the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670. Perched on an isolated cliff of the Bhuleswar range in the Sahyadri Mountains, the fort is situated on a hill about 760 metres above ground and 1,312 metres above mean sea level. The Sinhagad Fort is a popular weekend destination for many residents of Pune, including trekking enthusiasts with access to the top of the fort from the base of the Sinhgad village. Sinhagad Fort is more attractive because of the Western Ghats adds to its beauty. Sinhagad Fort is located at approx 30km from Pune.

Torna Fort, Prachandagad, Pune (13 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Torna Fort, also known as Prachandagad, is located in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Torna Fort is one of the best trekking fort and highest trekking point in entire pune district which offers spectacular views of Sahyadri Mountains. and is one of the most popular trekking places in Maharashtra, India. The trek route is pretty simple to follow but a bit difficult in the last few sections. If you drive till the parking lot, you will save around 25% of trekking time. From the parking lot, it should take 2 hours to get to the top of the fort. Torna Fort is located at approx 49km from Pune, 108km from Satara, 205km from Mumbai.

Visapur Fort, Visapoor Fort, Pune (14 out of 14 places to visit in Pune)

Visapur Fort is a hill fort near Visapur village in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Visapur Fort is one of the highest forts in Maharashtra. Perched upon a lush green plateau the fort is a popular excursion destination amongst nature lovers, trekkers, and campers. The trek is not very difficult, but beginners might find it a bit too slippery during the monsoon. However, despite the slippery slope, monsoons are definitely the best time to visit Visapur Fort - the lush greenery, brimming waterfalls, and the foggy atmosphere will make one fall in love with this beautiful place. Visapur Fort is located at approx 14km from Lonavla, 61km from Pune, 97km from Mumbai, 230km from Nashik.

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