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Visapur Fort

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Alias : Visapoor Fort


Pune, Maharashtra, India

Visapur Fort Overview

Visapur Fort is a hill fort near Visapur village in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. Visapur Fort is one of the highest forts in Maharashtra. Perched upon a lush green plateau the fort is a popular excursion destination amongst nature lovers, trekkers, and campers. The trek is not very difficult, but beginners might find it a bit too slippery during the monsoon. However, despite the slippery slope, monsoons are definitely the best time to visit Visapur Fort - the lush greenery, brimming waterfalls, and the foggy atmosphere will make one fall in love with this beautiful place. Visapur Fort is located at approx 14km from Lonavla, 61km from Pune, 97km from Mumbai, 230km from Nashik.

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