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Kollam, Kerala, India

Thenmala Overview

Thenmala is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India. The Thenmala Dam is a popular ecotourism destination in Kerala. Thenmala lies at the conjunction of the Kollam-Shencottah road and the Trivandrum-Shencottah Road. A fetching fusion of pristine nature and fabricated design, it offers quietude unlike any place else. Dotted with winding roads and rubber and tea plantations. The name 'Thenmala' translates to Honey Hill suggesting the supply of high-quality honey from the region. It has something for everyone, from trekking and recreational rock climbing to rappelling to mountain biking and rope bridging. Thenmala is located 66 kms to the east of Kollam and is a treasure trove of activities.

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Courtallam Waterfalls near Thenmala 0 km
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Courtallam Waterfalls

Courtallam know for numerous seasonal waterfalls and called as :Spa of South India" , located i..

Jatayu Earths Center near Thenmala 0 km
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Jatayu Earths Center

Jatayu Earth's Center also known as Jatayu Rock/ Jatayu Nature Park is located at Chadayamangal..

Agastya Mala near Thenmala 0 km
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Agastya Mala

Agastya Mala is a tall peak with a height of 1868 metres. It lies inside the Neyyar Wildlife Sa..

Neyyar Dam near Thenmala 0 km
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Neyyar Dam

Neyyar dam is a gravity dam on the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. It is..

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