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Utsav Rock Garden

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Gotagodi, Shiggaon, Haveri, Karnataka, India

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Utsav Rock Garden also known locally as Gotagodi is a Sculpture museum showcasing the old age village life and culture located in Gotagodi, Shiggaon tq, Haveri district of Karnataka. Place is also near to Hubli. Beautiful Park where they have made the sculptures and statues of hundreds of artefacts. it shows the olden days of village life along with the fun filled activities. Wonderful place for fun and enjoyment with friends and family. Rock garden is a best place for hosting school kids educational tours/trips.

Utsav Rock Garden holds ART, ARCHITECTURE & NATURE Combined at One Place, Worlds finest Museums in india. A World-Class tourist Spot of Karnataka. This place is like gallery of heaven and must visit place for all age people. This place has saved North Karnataka’s history in these models which takes you all that old days which now we can’t see anywhere or in this modern world. They aslo have a good restaurants, shops, swinging pools for entertainment and Very beautiful lake next to the gardens is an added bonus for tourists. To cover the full area of the garden it will take 4-5 hours. Entry fee is also less 200 per person on weekends and 150 on week days. Utsav Rock Garden or Gotagodi is located at approximately 10km from Shiggaon and 40km from Hubli.

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