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Alias : Thadiyandamol

Hill Station

Coorg, Karnataka, India

Tadiandamol Overview

Tadiandamol is the highest mountain peak of Coorg, located on Western Ghats ranges of Madikeri in Kodagu district, Karnataka, India. It is the third highest peak in Karnataka which attracts the major tourists across the region. The peak presents amazing opportunities for trekking lovers. The Nalaknad palace at the foothills is an important historical landmark and it's a starting point for the trek. It is a place of interest for trekkers and naturalists. The climb to the top and back can be completed as a day hike. This hill top provides the breathtaking views of the area around. The best season to visit the peak is during the months of December to May. Tadiandamol is located at approx 40km from Madikeri, 218km from Chikmagalur, 137km from Mysore, 267km from Bengaluru.

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Chelavara Falls near Tadiandamol 0 km
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Chelavara Falls

Chelvara Falls is a beautiful natural waterfall located near Cheyyandane village of Virajpet in..

Talakaveri near Tadiandamol 0 km
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Talakaveri is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the river Kaveri. It i..

Coorg near Tadiandamol 0 km
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Coorg also know as Kodagu is an administrative district in Karnataka, India is called as the "S..

Abbey Falls near Tadiandamol 0 km
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Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is one of the amazing waterfall from Western Ghats, located in Coorg(Kodagu) distri..

Kaveri Nisargadhama Island near Tadiandamol 0 km
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Kaveri Nisargadhama Island

Kaveri Nisargadhama is an island formed by river Kaveri near Kushalnagar in Kodagu district of ..

Harangi Reservoir near Tadiandamol 0 km
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Harangi Reservoir

Harangi Reservoir is located near Kushalnagar in Kodagu district of Karnataka, India. The dam h..

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Coorg Tourism Guide

Coorg district is also known as Kodagu ,It is covered with verdant cloud covered hills.Coorg district is a land associated with flawless backwood forests, cool climes and vibrant culture. Coorg is well known for Madikeri Virajpet , Abbey falls ,Nisargadhama ,Iruppu falls , Mandalpatti and Mallalli falls. Best time to visit Kodagu is between October to May and the peak season for this hill station is within February to May. Kodagu is the largest producer of Coffee in India. Also, it is one of the places with highest rainfall across the nation. Wavy hills covered in lush green forests and a landscape dotted with coffee plantations, tea gardens and orange groves, this hill station has breathtakingly stunning scenic beauty. It is located about 121km away from Mysore and Mysore domestic airport is the nearest airtport. It is located about 137 km from Mangalore and 257 km from Bangalore.

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