Kuli Magod Waterfalls

Kuli Magod Waterfalls

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Kuli Magod Waterfalls Key Facts


50 feet

Bedti River

July to October

Magod, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, India

Kuli Magod Waterfalls Overview

However, among all the attractions near Magod Falls, the Kulimagod Falls (in Kannada, kuli means pond) stands out for its sheer beauty and accessibility. It is formed by a tiny tributary of Bedti and its relatively easy accessibility has made it a not-to-be missed spot for nature tourists who travel to Magod Falls. Normally, it takes a great amount of trekking down the valley for one to reach the foot of any waterfall. This is not the case with Kulimagod. With very little effort, one can get under its misty showers falling down from a height of about 50 feet. To get there, one has to take Magod road from Yellapur and take a left turn just before Magod Falls. There is a sign board at this turning, which directs us to the Kulimagod Falls.

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Magod Falls near Kuli Magod Waterfalls 0 km
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Magod Falls

Magod Falls is a group of waterfalls in Karnataka, India, where the river Bedti falls from a he..

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Shirley Falls

Shirley Falls or Shirale Falls is a scenic waterfall located near Yellapur, in Uttara Kannada d..

Shivaganga Falls near Kuli Magod Waterfalls 0 km
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Shivaganga Falls

Shivaganga waterfalls is one of the lesser known waterfall located near sirsi in Uttara Kannada..

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Sathodi Falls

Sathoddi Falls is a beautiful hidden waterfall in the Western Ghats, near Yellapur in Uttara Ka..

Kodasalli Dam near Kuli Magod Waterfalls 0 km
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Kodasalli Dam

Kodasalli Dam is built across the Kali River (Kalinadi) in Yellapura taluk of Uttara Kannada di..

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Uttara Kannada Tourism Guide

Uttara Kannada also known as North Canara is a district in north Karnataka. It's a costal district with full of natural bliss. Major part of the district comes under Western ghats shyhadri ranges, hence it's home to numerous hidden gems, like beautiful hidden waterfalls, rivers, hill stations, wildlife, flora and fauna. Being a on the coastal of arabean sea it's home to wide range of beaches and temples. Karwar which is a district headquarters is one of the largest and oldest Port City in India.

Uttara Kannada district is know for it's western ghat wildlife, it houses numerous hidden waterfalls which are literally untouched by humans. River kaali is the major river which flows through entire district and gives life to variety of flora and fauna. Anshi tiger reserve and national park near dhandeli is one of dense and largest wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. Supa dam near Ganeshgudi, Kaiga power plant and dandeli paper factory are the major projects in Uttara Kannada district.

Yana Rocks (unusual large monolithic rock formations), Gokarna, Murudeshwar, Sirsi, Karwar, Yallapura, Dandeli are the Must visit destinations in the district and offers variety of attractions in and around for tourists.

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