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Gokarn, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, India

Kudle Beach is one of the popular beach near Gokarn Om Beach. Gokarna is one of the major tourist attractions in Karnataka, which has temple and many beaches. of the beaches Kudle Beach is most visited one becouse of it's unmatched beauty. It's a picturesque beach, surrounded by hillocks and rocks from three sides. It is the best destination for beach trekking. Trekkers can walk for a long unobstructed distance, enjoying the pristine scenery of hills on three sides and the sea stretching till the horizon. Kudle beach is located at approx 1.5km from Gokarn Om Beach. Gokarn is located at approx 177km from Udupi, 231km from Mangalore, 488km from Bengaluru, 133km form Goa, 645km from Kochi, 208km from Belgaum.

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Gokarna is one of the major tourist attraction, located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka..

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Om Beach

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