Godchinamalaki Falls, Markandeya falls

Godchinamalaki Falls

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Godchinamalaki Falls Key Facts

Alias : Markandeya falls


Markandeya River

Gokak, Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Godchinamalaki Falls Overview

Godachinmalki Falls, widest waterfall in india is located near godachinmalki village in gokak taluk of belagavi district, Karnataka. Falls is very near to one more famous waterfall, Gokak Falls. Godachinmalki Falls also known as Markandeya falls is Spectacular seasonal falls, located deep inside rugged green valley. Falls is formed by Markandeya river, tributary of Krishna river, which flows from western ghats and flows in full force during rainy season. Waterfall falls from height of 24ft and the waterfall is 70ft wide and making it one of the widest waterfall in india.

Markandeya river later joines Ghataprabha river near Ghodgeri. Within 6km reach there are 2 dams built, one on Ghataprabha river(Hidkal Dam/Jalashaya) and one on Markandeya river.

Godachinmalki falls is chosen as best destination for picnics and family trips and it attracts lot of tourists in and around north Karnataka. This Falls is located 15km from Gokak Falls, 40km from Belagavi.

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Places near Godchinamalaki Falls

Gokak Falls near Godchinamalaki Falls 0 km
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Gokak Falls

The Gokak Falls is a waterfall located on the Ghataprabha River in Belagavi district of Karnata..

Hidkal Jalashaya near Godchinamalaki Falls 0 km
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Hidkal Jalashaya

Hidkal dam, also known as Raja Lakhamagouda dam, is a dam constructed across the Ghataprabha Ri..

Ghataprabha Reservoir near Godchinamalaki Falls 0 km
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Ghataprabha Reservoir

Ghataprabha reservoir across Ghataprabha river near Ghataprabha village in Gokak taluk of Belga..

Sogal Falls near Godchinamalaki Falls 0 km
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Sogal Falls

Sogal is a place in Belgaum district, Karnataka, India. The name of the place is ascribed to a ..

Kittur Fort near Godchinamalaki Falls 0 km
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Kittur Fort

Kittur is a fort located in the Karnataka state of India, it is the former capital of a minor p..

Botanical Gardens Of KUD near Godchinamalaki Falls 0 km
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Botanical Gardens Of KUD

Karnatak University Botanic Garden is a sanctury for many Birds, Trees and Insects. It was esta..

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Belgaum Tourism Guide

Belgaum also known as Belagavi or Kundanagari is Northern district of Karnataka with rich heritage and culture. District headquarter Belagavi is second capital of Karnataka and is one of the fastest growing city in the state. It is known for its pleasant year-round climate.

Belagavi district lies on the borders of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa states. Belagavi is also comes under malnad region as most area of the district is part of western ghats and .it receives almost continuous monsoon rains from June through September. Being a border district and also being part of western ghats, Belagavi offers much for tourists.

Belgaum is known for kunda, a sweet made from milk, hence city is also known as Kundanagari. Belgaum is also known for famous Gokak Karardantu.
Belagavi district played an important role in independence. Kitturani chennamma know as one of the earliest indian and First indian queen to have fought for independence.

Following are few of the must visit places in Belagavi district. Gokak Falls, Kittur Fort, Jamboti Hills and Falls, Sural Falls, Hidkal Dam, Rakaskop reservoir, Sogal Falls.
Belagavi has one of the oldest airport in the state and also has good railway and road(NH4) connectivity. Belagavi is located approximately at 507km from Bengaluru, 341km from Pune, 113km from Goa, 96km from Hubli.

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