Dodda Alada Mara, Big Banyan Tree

Dodda Alada Mara

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Alias : Big Banyan Tree


Kethohalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Dodda Alada Mara also called as "Big Banyan Tree", is a giant approximately 400-year-old banyan tree, located in the village of Kethohalli in the Bangalore Urban district of Karnataka, India. Branches of a Banyan tree has captured a land of over 3 acres in Kethohalli village, making it one of the unique and must visit sightseeing places in Bangalore. This heritage site is a wonderful destination for nature lovers. Dodda Alada Mara is located at approx 30km from Bengaluru, 16km from Bidadi, 12km from Wonderla Bangalore, 124km from Mysore. Bengaluru is located at approx 349km from Chennai, 572km from Hyderabad, 532km from Kochi, 837km from Pune.

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