Badami Cave Temples, Vataapi Badami

Badami Cave Temples

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Badami Cave Temples Key Facts

Alias : Vataapi Badami


Bagalkot , Karnataka, India

Badami Cave Temples Overview

Badami is historic town know for cave temples, located in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. Badami was the capital of the early Chalukya dynasty. the Rock Cut Cave Temples are the main tourist attraction in Badami. Carved out of massive stone cliff, the cave temples are the best example of Chalukya architecture style.. Three among the four cave temples are dedicated to deities of Hinduism and one temple is dedicated to Jainism. Important feature of Badami Caves and their surroundings is ancient inscriptions in Kannada writing and in Kannada and Sanskrit languages. Agastya Theertha, a serene lake is a must-see spot in Badami. The Government of India has declared Badami as one of the heritage cities in India. Badami is located at approx 105km from Hubli Airport, 141km from world heritage site Hampi, 449km from Bengaluru, 241km from Goa, 425km from Hyderabad, 449km from Pune.

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