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Alias : Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary


Kutchh, Gujarat, India

Wild Ass Sanctuary Overview

Wild Ass Sanctuary also known as the Indian Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Kutch district of Gujarat, India. The entire Little Rann of Kutch spreading across nearly 5000 square kilometers is known as the "Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary" is a featureless expanse of flat land (the sea bed) dotted with islands known as "Baits" which form the core for the flora and fauna. This is the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. The wildlife consists of rare and endangered Ghudkhur (Equs hemionus khur) not found anywhere else in the world. Others, such as the Blue-Bull, Chinkara, Hedgehog and carnivores such as the Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Jungle and Desert Cats can also be found here in large numbers and also a variety of birds. Wild Ass Sanctuary is located at approx 159km from state capital Gandhinagar, 140km from Ahmedabad, 163km form Rajkot, 248km form Vadodara, 538km from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 668km from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Rani Ki Vav or The Queens Stepwell near Wild Ass Sanctuary 0 km
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Rani Ki Vav or The Queens Stepwell

Rani ki Vav is a stepwell located in the town of Patan in Gujarat, India. It was added to the ..

Dholavira A Harappan City near Wild Ass Sanctuary 0 km
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Dholavira A Harappan City

Dholavira is an archaeological site at Khadirbet in Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District, in Gujara..

Historic City of Ahmedabad near Wild Ass Sanctuary 0 km
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Historic City of Ahmedabad

Historic City of Ahmedabad also called as Old Ahmedabad or walled city of Ahmedabad presents a ..

Archaeological remains of Lothal near Wild Ass Sanctuary 0 km
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Archaeological remains of Lothal

Lothal is situated near the village of Saragwala in the Dholka Taluka of Ahmedabad district of ..

Dantiwada Dam near Wild Ass Sanctuary 0 km
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Dantiwada Dam

The Dantiwada Dam has been constructed across the Banas River near Dantiwada, Banaskantha distr..

Marine National Park near Wild Ass Sanctuary 0 km
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Marine National Park

Marine National Park in the Gulf of Kutch is located in the Devbhumi Dwarka/Jamnagar district o..

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