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Alias : Mecca Masjid,


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Makkah Masjid Overview

Makkah Masjid or Mecca Masjid, is a congregational mosque in Hyderabad, India. It is one of the largest mosques in India with a capacity of 20,000. Hyderabad is located at approx 275km form Vijayawada, 621km from Visakhapatnam, 569km from Bengaluru, Karnataka, 627km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 563km from Pune, Maharashtra.

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Golkonda Fort near Makkah Masjid 0 km
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Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort or Gol konda is an imposing historic fort located near Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,..

Himayat Sagar Lake near Makkah Masjid 0 km
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Himayat Sagar Lake

Himayat Sagar is an artificial lake about 20 km from Hyderabad in Telangana, India. It lies par..

Singur dam near Makkah Masjid 0 km
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Singur dam

Singur Dam is a popular picturesque tourist attraction near Singooru village in Medak district ..

Dindi Reservoir near Makkah Masjid 0 km
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Dindi Reservoir

Dindi Reservoir/dam also know as R. Vidyasagar Rao Dindi Lift Irrigation Scheme, is Lift Irrig..

Nizam Sagar Dam near Makkah Masjid 0 km
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Nizam Sagar Dam

Nizam Sagar Dam is located near Nizamsagar Village in Nizamabad district of Telangana, India. ..

Bidar Fort near Makkah Masjid 0 km
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Bidar Fort

Bidar Fort is situated in Bidar city of the northern plateau of Karnataka, India. The fort, the..

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